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Standard VR Experience

Each station has one VR system with over 50 games that can be shared with up to 3 players, with one player playing at time. For multiplayer games multiple stations are required. ***Recommended for ages 8+***

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Racing Simulator

An incredibly immersive racing experience utilizing next gen headsets with huge field of vision and 5k resolution. ***Recommended for ages 10+, not recommended for those who experience motion sickness, we also recommend wearing contacts as some glasses may not fit with the

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Tower Tag

***THIS EXPERIENCE REQUIRES 2 to 4 PLAYERS*** TOWER TAG is a futuristic laser tag game. A VR shooting game where players move around towers in VR space using a VR headset and a gun controller to compete against others on the opposing team. ***Recommended for ages 10+***

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Free Roam

Our 20X30 ft free roam area allows up to 4 people to physically walk around in a game together. Choose from two experiences. ***Recommended for ages 12+***

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Ubisoft Escape

Choose from 3 incredible escape experiences. Pyramid and Medusa require either 2 or 4 players. Prince of Persia can accomodate 2, 3 or 4 players. ***Recommended for ages 10+***

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Half-Life Free Roam (Single Player)

You are Alyx Vance and you and your Father have been taken captive by the Combine. Make your way through the Combine complex and rescue your Father.

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