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VR Stations

Each station has one VR system with over 50 games that can be shared with up to 3 players, with one player playing at time. For multiplayer games multiple stations are required. ***Recommended for ages 8+***

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Infinite Loop Arena

Our Arena is the most immersive way to experience virtual reality. Up to 6 players will wear state of the art headsets and share a large 20X30 ft area. All players will share a common space in both realities, so you won't worry about running into each other.

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Racing Simulator

An incredibly immersive racing experience utilizing next gen headsets with huge field of vision and 5k resolution. ***Recommended for ages 10+, not recommended for those who experience motion sickness, we also recommend wearing contacts as some glasses may not fit with the

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Escape Experiences

Choose from 5 incredible escape experiences. Pyramid and Medusa require either 2 or 4 players. Prince of Persia and Huxley can accommodate 2, 3 or 4 players. Notre-Dame is 2 players only. ***Recommended for ages 10+*** We don't recommend Prince of Persia as your first

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Summer Camp

A week of fun, teamwork, cooperation and competition at Infinite Loop VR for kids ages 8+

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Tip Jar

Give the team a little something for great customer service!

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